EpicWin iPhone app Review


With the EpicWin iPhone app you can level up your own avatars just by completing real life tasks such as to-do lists and even chores around the house. You will learn how to put the adventure back into real life while using this fun little app. The whole thing has been streamlined and you can quickly put down all of your tasks and enjoy the role playing spin that it has.


  • This app is great because it will actually help to bridge the gap between gaming and real life. You will have a to-do list that has a role playing spin on it so that you can actually level up and gain experience as you complete the tasks that you have put down on there that you need to complete for the day. Try to get as many done as you can!
  • The best part about this efficiency app is that it has been completely streamlined. This means that you will be able to use it quickly and efficiently for all of your to-do lists and any other type of list that you would like to use it for
  • When you start playing with the app you will see that you can actually create a few different avatars and customize them quite a bit. You will be able to level up these different avatars based on the different “quests” or things that need to be done for that day or week
  • If you have chores to do then put them up in this app and then watch your avatar completely destroy those chores in a series of fun, animated battles. This is a great way to make it worth getting your chore done just so you can see the animation that comes up
  • You will also get an assortment of different rewards for getting all of your different tasks done. You can also get points as well and you can use these rewards to be able to get some upgrades and level up a bit
  • Along the way you will also come across quite a bit of different loot. When this happens and you discover it, you can then share it with other friends and family very quickly and very easily


This app has been given a rating f 4 1/2 out of 5 stars by iPhone app users and you will love how well the app can be used to bring real life and gaming together in a very productive manner. The app can also be downloaded onto your iPhone for a total of $2.99.