Etude ~ Sheet Music On Steroids iPhone app Review


The Etude iPhone app is a very original app that allows you to learn music the right way. You can decide what types of music you want to learn and their varying difficulties. Etude is considered sheet music on steroids. You can follow along as the notes are played and also get information on what the different notes mean and how they are timed. There is also a large database of music that you can pick your songs from. This database also gives you information on the composer, the date published, and much more.

The first thing you need to do is to download some music from the Etude iPhone app library and then you can listen to it and get the sheet music. You can even see where you should be placing your fingers by viewing the virtual keyboard that is associated with it. Enjoy this fun way to learn the songs you have always wanted to!


  • You have access to a multitude of different songs from all different types of music genres and styles and you can download them to your own personal library. Once you do that you can access them any time that you like
  • As you are searching for different types of music you have a few different search options that you can use including searching by composer, artist, song, and more
  • Everything that search for can be downloaded for free, but this likely won’t last too long. The developers are looking to update the library and get newer tracks from recent artists and these songs are likely to cost some money
  • The actual interface of the game is great because it makes it easy to customize your personal settings and lets you decide how you want music played back etc.
  • There is a MIDI music player that is built in and it lets you play songs at any speed you like
  • The interface also has very crisp, clean graphics which makes it easy to see the engraved sheet music
  • There is also a keyboard that can be accessed and you can play the different notes by touching them
  • You have access to a lot of information about each song you download. You can look at data about the composer, the year it was published, and much more
  • Has connectivity with the Music Store for iTunes to see some of the professional pieces
  • You can also connect to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook so you can share your new music with your friends and family


Voted 3 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $2.99 to download.