Expenditure iPhone app Review


Have you ever felt like you just couldn’t get a good handle on your finances? Do you ever wish you were more organized so that when tax time rolled around you knew exactly how much money you had spent? We all go through this organization crisis at one point or another in our lives and now there is a way you can help yourself. With the Expenditure iPhone app you will be able to track all of your day to day expenses on this beautiful and easy to navigate user interface. It is really easy to be able to add new transactions into the app and you will find that you can also attach little notes and photos to each of your expenses if you want to have pictures of receipts or something. If you bought something in a different currency you can have the app even convert it for you. There are also a bunch of different categories to choose from so you can take account of all of your different expenses and bills. If you get on the Expenditure website you will find some fun and creative ways on how to make sure and keep track of all of your costs and still stay organized. You can even contact the developers themselves if you have any questions or complaints.


  • This app will allow you to get any kind of expense and easily enter it into the app so that you have good records and can stay organized when it comes to your financial life
  • You can also take pictures of receipts or anything else that is associated with the purchase so you remember what it is that you ended up buying
  • On top of that you can also just enter in different notes on each purchase to help you stay organized
  • There is also a list of preset categories that you can choose from or you can just go in there and create your own. You can make as many different categories as you would like to
  • The user interface is pretty slick and is also really easy to navigate through so you won’t ever have problems knowing how to use the app
  • You can get additional help off of the website in case you have questions with any part of this fun little finance app


This app has gotten pretty good reviews so far and is rated at 4 1/2 out of 5 stars. You can also download this finance app onto your iPhone for only $1.99.