Finger Physics: Finger Fun iPhone app Review


The Finger Physics: Finger Fun iPhone app will test your wits as well as your ability to use your quick finger. In this game you will find 20 different stages that offer over 180 different levels that you will have to play on. The puzzles can be mind bending and you will enjoy the level of skill and smarts it takes to beat the game. The nice thing about this game is that the developers are always adding more levels and achievements to the game so that it will never get old.


  • This finger doodle app has over 180 different levels that you can participate in and even more levels are being added every single month. When the game first launched there were only 81 levels total in the entire game
  • There are seven different game modes that you can try out and there are tons and tons of the egg levels (which everyone has seemed to enjoy the very most out of all the different mini games)
  • You will have to watch for obstacles like the famous exploding blocks that will get in your way
  • You will also come across circles that have been magnetized as well as squares and triangles that have also been magnetized
  • You will have to figure out which shapes float and which ones can’t float in order to beat all of the levels
  • The game is complete with openFeing integration so that you have a ton of achievements to accomplish as well as many other fun features
  • There are a variety of different global leader boards you can check out, including the ones for free play levels. This way you can see what kind of competition you are up against as you play in the game
  • This game features the one and only Doodle the Doodler and you will have a good time taking him around the different levels as you try to complete them


This little puzzle game will have you wondering how you are going to complete every level. Some of the levels are very easy while others can be very difficult to pass. Either way you will have a good time playing this app and utilizing the interactive nature of this game.

This is a fun little app that has been rated 4 1/2 out of 5 stars by other people that have downloaded the app and tried it out. The app only costs about $0.99 to download so it is an inexpensive way to help pass the time.