FitClick Diet & Workout Tracker iPhone app Review


The FitClick Diet & Workout Tracker iPhone app is the best way to get diet plans, exercise and workout help, and ultimately lose that unsightly weight that you have gained over the years.


  • Using this app you will be able to keep track of all of the calories that you take in throughout the day and also how many calories you are expending each day
  • You can then customize and personalize your diet plan so that it fits your lifestyle and your budget. You can then follow this diet plan to start taking off the pounds
  • You can either choose to follow a diet plan that has already been personalize or you can go ahead and create your own custom diet plan to follow
  • There are also personalized workout plans that can be found on the app so you already have a good system to follow
  • If you would rather exercise more control over your workout plans then you can create a custom plan that suits your style a little bit better
  • This app has a huge database of foods that you can track. There are over 110,000 foods located on the app that you can track nutrients for
  • There are also a ton of different exercises that you can look at in the app. It contains over 800 different exercises that you can choose from to help you lose the weight
  • The app also contains some instructions and videos to help to make sure that you are doing all of the exercises correctly
  • Once you buy this app you will then have access to the website absolutely free
  • This way you can do all of your data sharing in real time over the website
  • You will also get complete solutions for weightloss. There is a full featured diet and exercise application to help you out
  • This is much more than just a little calorie tracker to help you count calories. It is an all in one weight loss application
  • The user interface of the app is extremely easy to use and you will love how slick and organized it is
  • You can even just go to the gym and track your own workout while using this app
  • There are a lot of prescribed diet plans that you can choose to follow if you would like


This app has been given a consumer rating of 3 1/2 stars out of 5 stars. The app is in the medium price range, costing $3.99 to download onto your iPhone.