Flashlight LED – Pro iPhone app Review


The Flashlight LED – Pro iPhone app is one of the very most popular flashlights out on the iPhone market. One of the reasons why it is so good is because it uses just about everything possible in order to light up your path. You can use the LED flash of the camera plus the screen that is on there. The app is super powerful but yet very simple. The main thing to remember is that you will have an incredibly strong light to use when you need it. If you own any kind of smartphone, then you know how important it is to have a flashlight on it. It can come in handy in so many different situations that it really is a must-have. Some of the cool new features that come along with this app are the concert lighter as well as just the fact that it really is the strongest flashlight out there available to mobile phone users. Get your Flashlight LED light today and start seeing in those dark places that you couldn’t see before!


  • This is a pretty amazing LED flashlight that has been formatted to be able to be used on the iPhone 4. This way you can have the most effective flashlight available right on your mobile phone
  • This app allows you to have a bunch of different themes on it which is great because you can customize it however you would like. You don’t have to settle for the default theme that is given to you
  • The other fun thing is that you can actually pick whatever colors you would like. There is literally an unlimited amount of colors that you can choose from in order to do it
  • One great use you can have for this app is to use it as a concert lighter. Whenever you get to that slow, moving song at the rock concert, pull out your lighter on your phone and hold it up
  • This app allows you to get the maximum amount of brightness out of your phone. You will be able to let it shine out as bright as a normal flashlight so you can see around at night


This app has been given some pretty amazing ratings by people that have already downloaded and tried out the app. It has a rating of 4 1/2 stars out of 5 stars and you can currently download this app onto your iPhone for only $0.99.