Flight Director Android app Review


In the Flight Director Android app you will have to take your position as the air traffic controller and try to help all of these different planes so that they can land safely without colliding or crashing. You will have to be on top of your game to get them all there safely.


  • In this app you will be able to land planes in a real airport from off of Google Maps
  • Draw the route that you would like the plane to follow in order to help it land safely where it needs to
  • The game can be very fun and challenging as well as very addicting
  • All kinds of different aircraft that you can help land including planes, helicopters, and also war machines
  • Gets more challenging as you move on in the game


This is a cool game management app that allows you to be in charge of airlines and make sure that the planes arrive at their destinations safely. You will take the helm as the air traffic controller and you will have to land planes as well as different war crafts and helicopters. The coolest part about this app is that the actual game board that you play on is based off of real maps of airports on Google maps. You will get to see all of them from an aerial satellite view and manage the planes over the top of them. This game is a lot like the popular Flight Control app for the iPhone with a few different twists and turns. As you are trying to land all of these different planes and aircraft you will see how challenging the game can become. You will have to land planes that are coming in from all different directions and at all different times. You will have to land some planes at the same time and not have them crash into each other. All you have to do is just draw the route that you would like the planes to go in order to help them land safely. The main cons to this app is that there is no background music so it can get pretty dull while you are playing and also the aerial maps idea is kind of cool but it can also get pretty cheesy.

This app has been given a rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars by users that have played it and there is a free version you can download or you can get the full version for $1.99 off of the Android app market.