Flight Director Android App Review


When you were a little kid did you ever want to sit in an air traffic control tower and guide the planes in and out of the airport? Well now you can! With the help of Google Earth, the Flight Director app allows you to use real airport maps in order to find a safe route for the incoming planes. It is up to you to draw a route on the map to get the planes safely home. If you pick a bad route, or are too slow, then the planes will crash and you will be responsible!

The best part about this game is that it really feels like you are guiding planes in using a satellite system. The use of the Google Airport Maps gives it a very realistic feel and makes you feel like you are the man in charge. The gameplay is very challenging, and will provide hours of fun and addictive entertainment. Getting planes to their destinations has never been so fun!

The game includes Vector Graphics and Fluid Control options and is a delight to play. It is based off of the original Flight Control game and this spin-off takes some of the original aspects and just improves on them. The game doesn’t use the accelerometer or have background music, but it does have some incredible sound effects and good usage of the vibration functions of the phone.


  • Includes real air traffic maps from Google Earth
  • Very realistic, almost as if you are bringing real aircraft home with each route you draw
  • You can land planes, war machines, helicopters, and many other types of aircraft
  • You will have to land multiple planes at the same time, so you will need to be quick with your fingers and your wit
  • Use the touchscreen to draw your routes and safely guide planes in


This game offers some pros and cons. The pros are that it is a very fun, addicting game. As the difficulty level increases you will find yourself frantically trying to guide multiple planes into the landing pad at the same time. This game does a good job of giving you a good challenge while not being impossible. The major cons are that it does not have any type of background music, and sometimes the use of the aerial maps can be a bit cheesy.

Voted 3.7 stars by Android app users and currently costs $1.99.