FRG Android App Game Review


FRG is an Android app game that centers around a robot hero and his journey to defeat enemy forces. In FRG you will control your robot and take him through many different levels and terrains to destroy the evil robots that have invaded. Your goal is to hunt down as many enemy robots you can and kill as many as possible. The more that you kill, the higher your score will be. Keep in mind that these enemy hordes will also be hunting you. The quicker you can kill them, and the more efficiently you do it, the better chance you have of surviving. As you go throughout the leves you will unlock different kinds of weapons, some more powerful than others. You can also unlock other robots and upgrades for your suit. The levels get harder as you go on, and it will continue to challenge you through the entire game.

Depending on how well you play, you can win achievements to get some serious upgrades for your own robot. These upgrades will help you as you struggle to survive each mission. As you get high scores you can post them on the Online Leaderboards and strut your stuff.

FRG is one of those Android apps that is extremely addicting and fun. You will be challenged as you advance in the game, and struggle to kill all the enemies. The graphics are simple but smooth. The entire game takes place with an aerial view and follows you around as you hunt down the enemy. The app makes good usage of sound effects, vibration, and even the accelerometer. The accelerometer can be toggled on or off, depending on your own personal preferences.


  • Aerial view for optimal baddie blasting
  • Weapon upgrades as you advance in the levels
  • Achieve certain goals to upgrade your own robot
  • Different difficulty settings to keep it interesting and challenging
  • Online Leaderboards to post high scores and see global rankings
  • Uses the accelerometer as well as the vibration function


This is a simple game, but is very fun to play. The aerial view gives it an old school feel to it, and there are enough bad guys around to give any gamer a run for their money. The Online Leaderboards is a nice touch to keep it competitive and new to gamers all over the world. Has gained good reviews from other users, and seems to have some good replay value.

Voted 4 stars by Android app users and can currently be downloaded for $3.00.