Friend Doodle iPhone app Review


Do you ever get bored and just want to draw all over the pictures of your friends on your phone? Who hasn’t! In the Friend Doodle! iPhone app you can do just that and add all kinds of glow, chalk, graffiti, and sparkle effects to each picture in your gallery.


  • This drawing app allows you to take pictures of your friends and then color all over them as much as you want. The sky is the limit with the amount of different things you can do to the picture to make it into a comical scene
  • The picture editing app offers a wide variety of different colors that you can draw in and you can color code the picture as much as you want
  • There are also all kinds of effects that are offered with the app that you can use on photos. These include things like glow effects, glitter effects, chalk effects, graffiti effects and more!
  • The Glow Effects can give your picture a sort of neon feel like you are in some crazy eighties dance club
  • The Glitter effects can make anyone’s facial features or clothes sparkle as if it were the middle of the day
  • The Graffiti effects are also fun and you can feel like you just grabbed a can of spray paint and went to town on a picture in the middle of the city square
  • The chalk effects have a fun pastel feel to them and you can add some fun shading to have less of an impact than the other effects
  • You simply need to load your photos onto the app and then you can commence drawing all over them and redoing and undoing everything til you get it just right
  • Once you have created an especially good picture you can then save it on your phone for future reference anytime that you need a good laugh
  • Then when you have all these photos saved on your phone you can then share them with friends and family through email so that they can enjoy the same laughs that you did


This is a very simple app and you will have some fun with it, however, it doesn’t have enough cool effects to make it one of the best picture editing apps out there for the iPhone. If it were any more expensive than it is then it probably wouldn’t be worth downloading onto your mobile device.

Voted 3 stars by other users who have downloaded the app. This picture editing app only costs $0.99 to download onto your mobile phone off of the online app store.