Frosting iPhone app Review


In the Frosting iPhone app you will follow Holly as she goes to start her own bakery in Rhode Island. You will have to use special recipes from her grandmother to make some impressive cookies and cupcakes. As you get better at running small eateries you will move from city to city and face a variety of different challenges. You will add to your recipe book each time and get new machines that can help you produce other kinds of food. Help keep your customers happy by giving candy to the impatient ones.


  • In this app you will have to prepare all kinds of food for your customers that are coming in. You will have recipes that you need to follow in order to ensure quality for the people that come in to eat
  • This game also includes feedback in both video and audio forms so that you can play through the game very effectively and also very quickly
  • There are 7 different cities that you can go to while you play the game and you will find that each location offers a variety of different adventures
  • There are also 5 different kinds of machines that are all animated and they each have unique characteristics. Each machine will also have its own set of recipes for you to follow
  • There are 24 different characters in the game as well as six different animal characters that you will run into
  • You will also be able to have access to the recipe book so that you can prepare all of the foods correctly and accordingly
  • As your customers come in to eat you will either see hearts above their heads or moods that they are having so that you can know what they are thinking as they are eating
  • You will have a bunch of different kinds of dining sets to either serve meals or just for cookies and desserts
  • You will have to take care of the impatient customers by giving them some of the candy that is delivered to the store for that single purpose
  • As you move from location to location you will discover that each area gets a little harder than the last. The challenges increase as you move on through the game
  • There are tutorials inside of the app to help you get started on the game and make sure you know what you are doing
  • You can let other friends play by just managing the users while in the app
  • You can customize the game quite a bit by changing your personal preferences in the settings tab
  • There is different theme music for each of the cities that you visit and you will find that the sound effects are quite helpful
  • Last of all, there are leader boards that you can look at to see where you fit both globally and locally


This app was voted 3 1/2 stars and costs $0.99 to download onto your iPhone.