geoDefense iPhone app Review


Tower Defense games are all the rage right now in gaming and this one just adds to the fun and excitement. In the geoDefense iPhone app by Critical Thought Games, you will have to destroy all of the geometric creeps in order to save your base and prolong your survival. There are over 30 different maps that you can play on and each map has its individual puzzles that you will have to solve. The graphics in this game are fun and the glowing vector theme makes it different from other tower defense games out there. You will have to use a variety of five different towers to destroy all of the creeps. Some of these towers will deploy lasers, missiles, or use enemy debris as a weapon.


  • Created by Critical Thought Games and brings all of the good parts of a tower defense and packs it into a retro, glowing style of gameplay
  • The game is really easy to pick up at first but you will soon figure out that it is very challenging to master the more difficult levels
  • The action is very fast paced and it also has an arcade theme to it which makes it unique and original
  • There are free updates to this gaming app all the time and you can download them without it costing you anything
  • You can choose to listen to the music and sound effects that are provided by the game or you can choose your own music to listen to from your iTunes library
  • If someone calls you or you have to quickly get out of the app it will actually save the game so you don’t lose all of your progress and have to start over
  • There are over 30 levels to play in and each one is entirely different. Each level will have its own rules to follow as well as its own puzzle that you will have to solve
  • There is a new tower in this edition of the game – The Vortex Tower! This tower will utilize the leftovers from enemies that you have already destroyed. It makes it a prominent part of your planning and strategy
  • There are tutorials throughout the level when you first start the game so that you have some guidance on how to play the game
  • There are 5 different tower types and each of them can be leveled up seven times. Upgrade all of your towers to get the best results
  • The touch screen interface is detailed and suited just for this tower defense game


Voted 4 out of 5 stars by iPhone app users and can currently be downloaded off of the iTunes app store for only $1.99.