Go, Diego, Go! Musical Missions iPhone app Review


Gear up with Diego to go and help him save some of his shy baby animal friends! In the Go, Diego, Go! Musical Missions iPhone app you will have the opportunity to follow Diego around as he strives to be an animal rescuer. The facts are that there are shy baby animals all over the world that are hiding and just won’t come out. It is up to you and Diego to form an Animal Rescue team to help these animals come out of their hiding places and be saved! You will follow Diego around with his trusty flute as he plays some relaxing music in order for the animals to feel comfortable enough to come out and join you. All that you need to do is just to tap the holes that are on the flute to help Diego play his music. With each note that you hit on the flute you will be one step closer to saving another baby animal!


  • There are a variety of different tutorials in the game that you can use to help you get started and to learn how to play the flute that saves the animals
  • The voice overs in the game are authentic and come from the same people that do the show on Nickelodeon
  • Your children will learn how to match colors and will learn basic cognitive abilities as they play this simple app
  • Your children will also love the ability to play Diego’s flute and to make some very soothing music with his help
  • This is an educational adventure for you kids and they will love the opportunity to play it and feel like they are making a difference
  • The story mode is very entertaining and there are lots of cute baby animals that are hidden all over the world that you will have to find


For being a children’s educational app, this Go, Diego, God! Musical Missions iPhone app is sure to be a hit among your kids. They will love finding the baby animals and helping them to come out of their hiding places. The gameplay is really simple so that your kids will be able to navigate through the levels all by themselves. This is a great way to keep your kids busy and help them learn while you go about your normal daily routine.

Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and can be downloaded for only $1.99 off of the app store.