Good Food – Bad Food iPhone app Review


So you have finally made the decision to start losing weight and now you are out on the market looking for a great app to help you keep track of your weight loss. Look no further than the Good Food – Bad Food iPhone app! This has a lot of different food items and restaurants that you can search through in order to find out what is healthy. You can also see the amount of calories you are consuming and burning each day.


  • This app has a huge amount of different brand names to choose from. There are over 1800 different brands as well as 700 different restaurants that all have their full menus on nutrition
  • You can also get full descriptions of the characteristics of all of the food items that you are looking at purchasing. You will get positives and negatives as well as grades on all of the food
  • Aside from the written details, you can also get graphic comparisons of a variety of different food items. You can get up to four different graphic comparisons at a time
  • You can also check out the display of how many carbs, calories, protein, and fat you will be getting by consuming each of the food items that you have chosen
  • You can also search for a lot of different restaurants as well as food brands. That way you can know ahead of time what to avoid and what to look for
  • There is a great tracking ability the app has to count up all of the calories and activities that you have done so far
  • You can also customize the app by adding your own activities as well as the amount of calories you have consumed versus the amount of calories you have burned
  • There is also a daily measurement feature where you can track how big your waist, thighs, chest, and arms are each day


The great thing about this app is that it has over 300,000 food items that you can get advice on before you actually purchase them. This good food bad food app can help you to shop smarter and start realizing those weight loss goals that you have had for years and years. Download this app today and start getting back into shape!

This app has been given a rating of 5 out of 5 stars by multiple people that have downloaded the current version. The app can be purchased off of the Apple store for a price of $2.99.