GunApp 3D iPhone app Review


The GunApp 3D iPhone app is one of the best three dimensional gun apps available on the market today. There are over 6 different weapons that you can choose from including the Chainsaw, banana, knife, revolver, Uzi, and the 9mm. This is a realistic app and is a lot of fun to pull out and mess around with.


  • This little gun app has a bunch of different backgrounds to choose from so that you can find any background that will suit your liking and your personality
  • Another thing that you can do when it comes to backgrounds is actually take screenshots of your favorite gun combos and then set it as your personal wallpaper on your iPhone
  • The interaction with the guns is incredibly realistic. For instance, the 9mm pistol allows you to reload it, fire it and even has a manual slide control function so it feels like you are really using it
  • You can also customize the weapons quite a bit too. Take your ghetto 9mm blaster and put gold plating on it and then have it engraved with your initials. Take it one step further and use diamonds to create the design
  • There are few different game modes that you can pick from, including the Russian Roulette mode that you can play with the .357 revolver that is included in the app
  • There is a snipe function as well that you can use to take out your boss, your friends, or annoying kids in class. This mode comes with a removable silencer if you want to keep your actions a secret
  • There is also a banana that you can use in your gunning app activities as a semi-automatic weapon. Litter the walls and your friends with imaginary bullets from this magnificent weapon
  • There are over 6 different weapons that you can customize and choose as your mode of combat. One of the most fun ones is actually the chainsaw that you can pick from the group


Gun apps are always a lot of fun. For the most part we can’t own a lot of these guns cause we don’t have the money or the permits but this app allows you to have them in the palm of your hand and feel like you have got them on you all day long. The silenced sniper function is especially fun to give you some secret satisfaction as you imagine picking off people while just sitting on the couch, at a desk, or even in a cubicle.

This is one of many gun apps for the iPhone. This app was actually given 3 1/2 stars by different users that played the app and rated it. It currently costs $0.99 to download onto your mobile phone.