Hands iPhone Heater app Review


Are you one of those people who always has cold hands and can never seem to get them quite warm enough? If so, then you will love the Hand Heater iPhone app. This app turns your mobile phone into a personal hand heater. The Hands Heater warms your hands quickly and efficiently. It can be a great way to improve your lifestyle and your body temperature.

The way that this iPhone app works is that it creates a small heat wave that is just big enough to heat your hands and wrists. It is much more accessible than having to carry a real heating device around with you and works much quicker too. If you are ever waiting for something while out in the cold, it is a great way to keep your hands warm in the cold. The Hands Heater can really make a difference for you in future cold seasons and situations. It is definitely worth looking into in order to keep yourself a bit warmer.

One thing to remember is that the phone obviously does not create a LARGE amount of heat. It is very subtle, and just enough to give you a little bit of warmth. It never gets so hot that it would ruin your phone or damage it in any way. While it may not be a huge heat wave, it will be enough to get you through the cold times.


  • The display of the app looks like a ring of heating coils to help you feel even warmer
  • This app is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch as well
  • No connection to the internet so the app moves smoothly and fluidly
  • There is no sound submitted by the app so you can use the app whenever and wherever you choose
  • This app is mostly a gimmick, while it does release some heat it obviously does not release enough to damage your iPhone or cause any serious problems


This app is a very good idea, but it is hard to make a heater out of an electronic device that has an operating system and valuable software on it. If the app were to get too hot it would hurt your phone, so this is a good medium. If it doesn’t take much to warm your hands then this app might be worth the buck, otherwise it may not be worth it to get it.

Voted 3 stars by iPhone lifestyle app users and is currently $0.99 to download.