Handwritten email iPhone app Review


Do you ever get bored of the typical Times New Roman, Callibri, or Verdana fonts? These fonts are used in almost every kind of document and they can get really boring and overused. In order to add your own personal touch to emails that you send to friends and family you should try out the Handwritten email iPhone app by Planet Blue Art. This little app lets you type on the typical onscreen keyboard and then convert it into a font style that makes it look like it was handwritten. You also have control over copy and pasting, colors, font sizes, and alignment.


  • This tool app allows you to pick between a number of different font styles and calligraphy writing methods. You can pick crazier fonts too like the gothic writing style
  • You can also pick what color you want all of your text to be in. You can either color a certain part of the text, all of it, or mix and match colors to make it unique and original
  • Choose the size that you want the text to be in. Once again you can have the entire text in a single size or you can make some of the text bigger in order to make it stand out or some of it in a smaller size
  • You also have the ability to copy and paste certain segments of the document and format it just the way that you like it
  • You can decide where the text is aligned, whether it is in the very center, all the way to the right, or just on the left hand side of the screen like normal
  • There are two modes to view the text in; the preview mode will show you what the text will look like when it is sent to your contact and the editing mode will allow you to change text and make some improvements on the document


The main point of this little app is to be able to add your own personal touch to all of your emails. This just gives you a very detailed approach to what colors you use in your emails, the style of the font, and also font sizes. It is kind of fun to be able to send messages to your friends over the computer and have it look like your just wrote in with your own hand.

Voted 4 out of 5 stars by iPhone app users and can currently be downloaded for only $0.99. This app was created by Planet Blue Art.