Heat Pad – Relaxing Heat Sensitive Surface iPhone app Review


In the Heat Pad – Relaxing Heat Sensitive Surface iPhone app you will get to see how your iPhone reacts to the amount of heat that is in your fingertips. You can create some fun shapes and pictures as you strategically move your fingers across the screen. This app has 9 different surfaces that you can choose from that each have some fun and hypnotizing effects. Create islands, or anything else you can think of while using the Heat Pad app for iPhone.


  • On this heat pad app you will find that there are nine different types of surfaces that you can choose from in order to make cool designs
  • The first of these nine surfaces is the heat surface which is the standard heat-sensitive surface that will react to the touch of your fingers and skin and create cool colors and shapes according to the level of heat
  • There is also a flame surface that you can pick that creates fire-like images at the touch of your fingertips
  • There is a fantasy surface that will create some pretty intense patterns that can be hypnotizing if you look at them for too long
  • There is also a sky surface available that will create a beautiful pattern of sky and clouds that you can move around with your fingers
  • There is a metal surface that can give you a fun, metallic feel to all of your pictures you create. You can see reflections off of the shiny chrome that will be on the screen
  • There is also a spirit layer that will amaze you as it tries to bend the laws and theories of physics with its supernatural feel
  • There is also a blur surface that will entice your eyes as it creates shapes that are blurry but have an effect of depth of field
  • There is also a glow surface effect that will make your iPhone screen look like it is radioactive and glowing
  • Lastly, there is also an islands surface where you can just create your own chain of islands. Each archipelago will be unique and is determined by your creative design


The Heat Pad iPhone app is really meant to just give you something to do when you are bored. It offers some relaxing and entertaining fun but the only downside is that there really is no lasting value to the app. It has a “Wow” factor but once that has passed you will probably pass on the app itself.

Voted 3 stars by iPhone app users and currently only costs $0.99 to download.