Heavy Mach 2 iPhone app Review


The Heavy Mach iPhone app has largely been considered one of the best RPG centered machine games out there on the mobile market. Now with the introduction of the Heavy Mach 2 iPhone app that action is even more in your face and has been significantly improved upon. In this action game you are once again an armored tank with an attitude. You will go out and fight in a battlefield and mission system all while looking down on your tanks from above.

The games features a number of upgrades that you can gain as you move through levels. Use your hard earned cash to upgrade your arms, bot systems, weapons, and so much more. In this game you will fight a variety of different enemies including medicore bosses and the huge bosses as well. The way you play is by first accepting the mission while at base camp and then it is up to you to go buy arms and supplies. You will then install the parts and head out on your adventures!


  • You can use the airlift featue to bring you back to base in case you are in trouble and need repairs
  • There is a link to the gate name as well
  • This edition has done a great job of fixing the blackout issue that bogged down the first Heavy Mach game
  • You can access maps that will give you the area along the sea-side
  • You can upgrade and gathere a variety of new armor items to help beef up your machine and make it as heavy duty as possible.
  • There are online rankings and a Hall of Fame so that you can see who the best Heavy Mach 2 players are and where you fit among them
  • There are all kinds of different enemies that you will have to fight, including medium leveled bosses and also the big bad bosses that are a challenge to take out
  • The missions are practically endless and you can continue to do quests for as long as you would like to
  • This edition of Heavy Mach does a good job of enhancing the brilliance of the effects and the attacks. You will get more satisfaction from each explosion and attack that you perform
  • You have the option to use s special air attack when things start getting really crazy
  • As you earn money in the game you can use it to upgrade your parts, your mechanical arms, the systems that are included in your bot, and other items to make sure you have the best machine out there


Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $0.99 to download.