Hockey Nations 2010 iPhone app Review


In the Hockey Nations 2010 iPhone app you get a full on 3D hockey experience at a new low price. This is one of the premier hockey games on the iPhone and will keep you playing for hours on end. This version of the game is a full arcade simulation that is the perfect fit for any hockey fan. You will have a variety of different game modes to participate in like the Go For Gold and Exhibition modes. The game features 14 different national teams that are from all over the world. This hockey game is the first full hockey game featuring six on six players.

The graphics are impressive and the gameplay is fairly fluid. The top down view of the game is ideal for this type of gameplay and allows you to easily see all of your different players.


  • There are three different game modes that you can participate in like the World League mode, the Go for Gold mode, and the Exhibition league
  • In the World League mode you will have the opportunity to play against all of the other teams in the game and see who is the best in the world
  • The Exhibition mode is the fastest mode to get started in because you just pick two teams and then start playing
  • There is also a Shoot-out mode where you can go head-to-head with the goal keeper and a practice mode where you can figure out the controls
  • The animations are all motion captured and look very realistic
  • The graphics are all in three dimensions and are actually very detailed
  • The controls are simple and the touchscreen interface is easy to pick and start playing
  • There are over 13 different achievements to collect as you play big games and come out on top
  • This app stays true to the game of hockey by also including overtime and penalties
  • You will also witness line changes and be able to rotate in and out of all of your players


With 14 different national teams, this is one of the powerhouse hockey apps for the iPhone. It is very true to the original game of hockey and even includes things like penalties, shoot outs, line changes and much more. It is a little more expensive than your usual app, but it includes a lot more technical aspects than most other games.

Voted 3 stars by iPhone app users and can currently be downloaded for $3.99.