Hunting Unlimited ’11 iPhone app Review


In the Hunting Unlimited ’11 iPhone app you will be able to travel all over the country as you hunt for your prey.


  • One of the best things about this app is the locations that you get to explore as you are hunting. There are over 30 different places you can hunt and they are all very detailed and you will be in places like plains, forests, mountains, and much more
  • With each of the different locations you will find that that there are a few different challenging game modes you will be able to try out. They include the You vs Prey and Predator, You vs Predator, and also the You vs Prey game mode
  • As you go through the game you will notice that there are 7 different trophy species that you can find. They include the following. Th Whitetail Deer, the North American Moose, Kodiak Bears, Grizzly bears, Wolves, Mule Deer, and Big Horn Sheep
  • The graphics in this game are actually really incredible and you will love that everything is in 3D. All of the animals and environments are very detailed and lifelike
  • In the game you can fire in 360 degrees so you have every opportunity to take out your prey
  • There are 12 different weapons that you can use throughout the game including compound bows, rifles, and even shotguns
  • You can take your trophy kills and put them up in your cabin in order to show them off. You can get trophy kills for kill shots, long range shots, and also how big the animal is


This app is based off of the wildly popular PC franchise and this game will take you all around the country in your search for big game. You will be able to bag over 7 of the popular trophy animals that are in over 30 different locations. You will also love the trophy case where you can showcase all of your big kills. You also will have quite a few different weapons that you can use as you try to get the biggest animals out there. This is a decently fun hunting game and should provide enough entertainment to keep you busy for a few good hours as you try to beat it.

This app has been given a rating of 3 out of 5 stars by iPhone app users. This isn’t the best rating for a hunting app but it also isn’t that bad either. You can download this 3D app on your iPhone all for a price of $1.99.