I Dig It Expeditions iPhone app Review


Having garnered some incredible reviews, the I Dig It Expeditions iPhone app is one of the most highly regarded adventure games on the iPhone today. You will start out the game with an incredible machine that can dig through anything, as well as swim through the deepest oceans. You will have to go on a quest to find a variety of different mysterious treasures, un-earthed civilizations, as well as priceless artifacts that are scattered throughout the world.

You will have to travel through four different lands including the jungles in South America, the oceans in South Asia, the Midwest of North America, as well as the icy cold land of Antarctica. You will have to be aware of how much fuel you have as well as what kind of supplies are available to help you dig. You will also need to monitor oxygen, cargo space, and any damage that you take along the way.

Along the way you can sell your artifacts to get some money to purchase new supplies, upgrade your digger, or repair any damage that has been done. You will run across some amazing sights as well as some horrific monsters as you delve farther and farther into the deep!


  • There are four different locations that you can visit and they span all across world
  • Visit the Mid-West of the United States of America
  • Your adventures will also take you through the tundra of Antarctica
  • Dig through the jungles of the Amazon in South America
  • Lastly, you will be able to dig through the Ocean water of South Asia
  • There is a Freeplay mode to let you casually work your way around levels and find all of the goodies and hidden treasures
  • There is the option to save your progress along your journey
  • The game also offers a screen where you can check your inventory and see what kind of supplies and digging accessories that you have available
  • You can gather new supplies as you progress through the game that will make your challenges easier
  • You can toggle between the full screen map to see where you have already dug and where you need to go with your tunneling projects
  • The Campaign Mode should last you around six to ten hours, and you will enjoy the story line and the challenges that await you
  • You can go back once you have completed the game and pick up all of the extras that you may have left behind


Voted 4 stars by iPhone app users and currently can be downloaded for $2.99.