iBird Explorer Backyard iPhone app Review


Birdwatching can be a fun and rewarding experience. There are a lot of different bird species out there that all look extremely different but are all beautiful. The iBird Explorer Backyard iPhone app is an interactive book where you can identify hundreds of different species based on their shape, color, bird call, and habitat. This app also is linked to Flickr and Wiki so that you can get even more pictures and information on your favorite species. Also, once you find some really interesting species then you can bookmark them so you can quickly go back to their pages.


  • This app contains an in-depth search engine that is parameter driven and can help you find information incredibly quickly
  • This search engine allows you to find birds by where they are located, what their habitat is, their head pattern, their colors, their overall body shapes, the pattern of their flight, the shape of their bill, their length and others
  • You can find updates for life on all of the bird information conclusions
  • When you find certain birds that you like you can bookmark their pages so that you can go back to them quickly whenever you like
  • You can find links from all of the information over to Wiki pages to get even more in depth details
  • There are also links to hundreds of Flickr photos for every different kind of bird that you find
  • There are detailed maps that are in full color and they show the habitat and living areas of different species
  • You can find out information about the birds’ behavior, their identification, habitat info, color of their eggs, their diets, and much more
  • There are a lot of different professional photos of many of the bird species included
  • Along with these photos you can also see a bunch of hand-drawn pictures of the birds as well
  • You can play bird songs and bird calls straight from your phone so that you can bring birds right to you


If you have a love for birds then there is no better bird watching companion than the iBird Explorer Backyard. You can get info from Wikipedia as well as professional photographs of each species. You can also tag your very favorite birds to go back and see at a later time. This app is just loaded with cool information and is really easy to navigate and use.

Voted 4 stars by iPhone app users and costs $4.99 to download onto your iPhone.