iFighter 1945 iPhone app Review


In the iFighter 1945 iPhone app you will take control of your WWII forces to try and destroy the Nazi’s secret weapons.


  • It seems like there are a ton of different WWII games out on the market today, and you might think that it would get old after a while. This was such a huge part of American history, however, that you really can’t ever get enough of it. This is definitely the truth when it comes to the iFighter 1945 iPhone app. This game is loaded with different features and options that you can mess with to have a wild adventure on your mobile device.
  • One of the really cool things about this app is that it has different difficulty levels so that it appeals to gamers of all skill levels. You can pick between three different difficulty levels in order to play
  • There is also variety on other parts of the app, including the kinds of combat planes that you can choose from. You can pick between three different fighters as you go out and try to bring down the enemy jets
  • There are also a lot of different control options for you to consider. These features have also been created to help every kind of gamer enjoy this little WWII simulator. You can choose between four different controls including the motion controls, the touch controls, the relative controls, and the joypad controls
  • The game has a lot to do in it and you will love the huge missions that you will have to try and accomplish. In total, this WWII game has around 6 missions that level in difficulty, but all of them are very challenging
  • The sound and the music in this game is also quite spectacular. You will be able to listen to original soundtracks on each of the six levels you play in. These songs were created just for this game
  • You will get a little feel of the old school with this game because it has the classic end of level bosses. These bosses can be really hard, but it makes the game that much more fun
  • This game is also completely compatible with the iOS4 so you don’t have to worry about not being able to run it on your phone
  • The app is also integrated with Plus+ so you can enjoy achievements and unlockable items


This app has been rated and reviewed and was given an overall rating of 3 1/2 stars out of 5 stars by multiple users. This app can also be purchased and downloaded onto your iPhone device for only $0.99.