iOS Game Small World 2

Small World 2 is a virtual board game application that can be downloaded and played on iOS devices for $6.99. The game was published by While Days of Wonder who is no stranger to the board game and smartphone application market. The adaptation of the popular game is missing a few components but not many. All of the pieces and graphics are hand drawn and the same ones used in the hard version of the game. Small World 2 has a simple concept, the player must occupy the most regions as possible to earn points. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins.

There are six available races for a player to obtain at the beginning of the game. In addition to each race there are also six ability cards, both of which are generated randomly which increases the re-play ability of the game. The game is too small to fit all the players, which means they must steal land from another user right off the bat, leading to a very intense 30 minutes. Users must combine the abilities of both their characters, card abilities and a little bit of luck to win.

Players can choose from a few different gaming modes, including teaming up with friends via wifi connection, passing the iOS device around, playing up with random strangers, or playing solo against four computer opponents. The computer AI can be set at easy, medium and hard but is generally considered to be above average difficulty for all three stages. They do have a few repetitive actions which users can use to their advantage. There are currently three expansions, new character cards and abilities available for purchase at the in-game store for $3 to $5.

Compared to other board games that have been made into a smart phone app, Small World 2 takes a bit more planning and strategy to become successful enough to win. In general it is easy to win but difficult to truly master because of the random combinations of characters and abilities. There is a very in depth text and video tutorials available for those who have never played before or want to brush up on the rules and plan out some new tactics. With all of these features included players haven’t complained about the higher than average price. There have been thousands of downloads and hundreds of positive reviews since the game launched.