Isaac Newton’s Gravity iPhone app Review


In Isaac Newton’s Gravity iPhone app you will be able to enter a world full of challenging puzzles and incredibly challenging mental tasks. You will have to try and arrange objects together in order to hit certain triggers and win the level. You can attempt the levels as many times as you want but just remember that the more clever and creative that you are, the better. You will probably end up using the hint system that the app offers and at that point you will be able to talk to Sir Isaac Newton himself!


  • This app will do a pretty good job of making your brain think really hard. There are over 50 different puzzles that are included on this app and each one is pretty difficult to be able to solve. You will have to really think through the puzzles in order to be able to solve them all
  • If you really get stuck on some of the puzzles (which you most assuredly will) then don’t get discouraged because there is actually a hints section that is available on the app. You will be able to get hints from Isaac Newton who can actually be your own personal psychologist
  • One of the really fun parts about the app is the ability that you have to create your own tracks. The app has its very own level editor so you can use it to create levels that have just the right amount of puzzles and difficulty
  • Once you have used the level editor to create all kinds of different levels with unique and personal puzzles, you can then challenge all of your friends and have them see if they can actually complete and solve the levels that you have created. Do what you can to try and stump them
  • There are also a lot of different achievements that you can get as you progress through the game and solve all of the puzzles. You will be able to share all of your trophies and achievements with your friends and family by posting them on social networking sites like Facebook
  • Last of all, the pictures and illustrations that are inside of the game are incredibly well done. The background art is especially good and offers a great backdrop for a stimulating game


This app has been given a rating of 3 1/2 stars out of 5 stars by a lot of different iPhone app users that have tried out the app and have reviewed it. This app can also be purchased and downloaded onto your iPhone for only $2.99.