Jigsu iPhone app Review


If you are a fan of the Sudoku genre then you will love the new Jigsu iPhone app. It takes Sudoku and puts a very original and intuitive twist on it. Instead of putting just one number in at a time you will have to actually put in a collection of numbers all at once. This makes this a cool twist between sudoku and a jigsaw puzzle. You will have to make all of the numbers fit into the right spots and have it all add up in each row and column. There are millions of different designs available and you will also be able to see tons of different layouts. This gives the game an incredible amount of replay value and you will find yourself playing for hours as you try and make all of the right choices to finish the board.


  • One of the best parts about this app is how it separates the difficulty levels. While other Sudoku games only ever have three levels of difficulty, this app actually has five different levels of difficulty that you can try out
  • You can also get hints at differing levels. Rather then just having the board shown to you so that you can finish the game, you can pick between three different levels of hints to help you complete the board without feeling like you totally cheated on it
  • There is also a feature where you can go online and check out all of the global high scores. This way you can see where you rank among the world’s elite Jigsu players. This gives you a goal to work for as you play
  • If you are a little confused with how to play this game then you are in luck because there is a great tutorial that you can watch off of the menu screen to be able to learn how to play the game
  • The User Interface of this game is pretty slick and it fits the iPhone and also the iPod Touch almost perfectly. Does a good job of utilizing the touch screen capabilities.


This app really is just a spin-off of the wildly popular sudoku games that are out there. It does add a few original spins and features that you don’t find on normal sudoku but overall it is not that impressive. They could have done a little more to make the navigation of the app better and just polished it up a bit

This app has been given a rating of 3 out of 5 stars by iPhone app users and currently can be downloaded off of the iPhone app market for only $0.99.