Jurassic Park Builder App

Jurassic Park Builder is a fun game for all ages. You get to experience the world of Jurassic Parkup close by creating and maintaining your own park. It’s simple, easy to build, and you receive step-by-step guidance by well-known characters, such as Dr. Ian Malcolm and John Hammond. Building your park is a journey with many levels and opportunities to expand.

The app was developed by Ludia in 2012 and is trademarked by Universal Studios, the producers of the Jurassic Park franchise. It’s for all JP and dinosaur lovers.

In the game, you’ll be able to build your park by expanding on land, discovering DNA, hatching dinosaur eggs, feeding your dinosaurs, and building recreational and amusement attractions. The more you build and expand, the more your park will attract visitors and make a profit. Plus, once you venture further in your journey, you’ll have access to rare Aquatic and Glacier dinosaurs. Those dinosaurs are my favorite.

Each level supplies you with missions to complete in order to earn coins, food for your different dinosaurs, and cash to reach the next level. The app is completely free; however, if you want to make in-app purchases for added necessities, you have that option.

The game lets you connect with other users. Users can send/receive gifts and visit each other’s parks. Plus, you can compete in battles and tournaments. Much like the gladiator world of dinosaurs. Which dinosaur will reign?

An overview of Pros/Cons:

Pros – easy-to-use and learn; quickly build up park; free; connect to Facebook; send friends gifts; 3D and colorful; for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch; free ways to get free coins and bucks; realistic sound effects

Cons – sometimes slow to login or update; optimized for iPhone 5 (not older versions, but will still work); instructions aren’t always clear

Pros of the game include: incredibly easy-to-use; quick learning curve – perfect for any age. It gives you options to login with Facebook or continue as a guest with an email. As mentioned, the guided mode makes navigation a breeze. The app is generous with coins — completing levels isn’t a taxing process. Furthermore, the developers seem to update the app regularly and resolve bugs quickly.

The cons of the app include, its slow loading time if not using a newer iPhone (it’s optimized for iPhone 5) or iPad. App bugs caused it to crash in the past. I play this app on my iPhone 4s and it plays fine. At times, the login and loading time can lull, but it isn’t a deal breaker. It just makes me exercise a little patience.

You’ll really enjoy this game. My experiences have been nothing but positive.
Overall, I give this app an 9.5. The experience is fun and smooth, but could be a little faster in loading and contain more descriptive directions
The game is solid – it has a vibrant 3D display, special sound effects, and high quality feel. I can imagine the larger iPad screen would make the app viewing easier, but my iPhone is perfectly fine.