Keynote Remote iPhone app Review


With the Keynote Remote iPhone app you will have the opportunity to take full control of any presentation that is given from your Mac. This app allows you to swipe through different screens as well as shows you the presenters notes so you can manage the whole presentation right from the palm of your hand.


  • This is the ultimate app for taking control of you Keynote presentations on your Apple computer. It has been created for this specific purpose and does a good job on delivering on it
  • The controls and navigation of this app are extremely easy to use on this little tool app. To go to the next slide all you do is just swipe it on your phone’s touchscreen. It is the same method to go back to a previous screen in the presentation. Just swipe the other direction
  • You can enter extra notes through the app or display the notes that were already prepared on the presentation. You will see these presenter notes on right on the screen
  • You can always preview the next few slides in your presentation in the landscape mode so that you can prepare yourself for what is coming up next
  • This app is an easy way to be able to pair up your iPhone with any Mac or Keynote application that is out there. This is the easiest way to access all of the information and features that this little app has to offer
  • In order for this app to run flawlessly you need to make sure that you have an Apple computer that has the Keynote ’09 software. You can get this software by getting a hold of the iWork office package for Mac suite
  • You will also need to make sure that you have some sort of connection to the internet, preferably a wi-fi connection in order to make the connection seamless
  • If you don’t have a wifi connection you can always create a computer to computer connection network through an airport enabled Macintosh


If you give a lot of presentations on a Mac at either your job or in school then this is a great presentation tool to be able to collect your notes and have them in the palm of your hand as well as control the flow of the presentation. It just allows you to have entire control of the Keynote program right on your phone. Great idea.

Voted 4 stars by iPhone app users and this app can be downloaded off of the iTunes app site for only $0.99. Enjoy!