Le Havre Board Game App

Le Havre is changing the mobile gaming world

The world of gaming is constantly changing, and one of the biggest and most exciting sectors in the world of gaming is the mobile gaming industry. There are now hundreds of mobile games available today, and many consumers are wondering which mobile games are worth it for them. One of the newest and most exciting options for mobile gamers is Le Havre(The Harbor).

Le Havre is a board game, and it is incredibly complex, this means that players will have to play the game multiple times before you can really get the hang of the game. This game is a classic resource management game, that features you managing a bustling harbor. This European designed game is sure to be a hit with those that are looking to strategize, and love to solve problems.

There are many different elements to managing a harbor. One of the biggest decisions that you must make is which resources you want to take in from your harbor. Each turn you have the possibility of choosing one resource to bring into your harbor. The resources you can choose from include iron, fish, grain, and other supplies. These resources are critical to your success in the game. You also have the possibility of upgrading your harbor. There are a wide variety of upgrades that one can make to their harbor.

These upgrades that you can make to your harbor include mills, brickworks, and other key facilities that can really allow you to increase your productivity. These buildings allow you to process your resources into other more complex resources. Managing your resources is the key part of playing this wonderful game.
While you are focusing on managing your resources, all of the other opponents are also focusing on managing theirs. This is where the game gets a little bit more complex, you must actively work to out manage your opponents during this game. The game really shines as an example of a game that looks to pit people against one another in a massive game of strategy and intrigue.

For years, the mobile gaming market has been dominated by quick and easy games that can be played in a matter of seconds. Finally, serious gamers are receiving the wonderful strategy games that they have been longing for. Le Havre is sure to draw in gamers that are looking for a complex and interactive strategy game that they can take with them everywhere.

$4.99 on the iTunes Appstore.