LIFE iPhone app Review


The classic board game of LIFE is now one you can take with you anywhere with this fun new iphone app. This new take on the original board game brings a whole¬†different¬†dimension with the exciting 3D game play. The graphics are thrilling as you wind your way along the roads and pass through lush landscapes. You get all the great old features of the game of LIFE. Go to college or just pick a career. Buy a house, but don’t forget fire insurance or you may have trouble on down the road! You can settle down and get married – and don’t forget the children! Play the stock market with risky investments that may pay off big, or stop and indulge is lavish luxury. You can also make long-term investments by clicking on your player card and scrolling up to choose invest – or choose any of the other options. Just like in the board game, you pick up tiles worth lots of money as you land on ‘Life’ spaces and you can collect ‘Share the Wealth’ cards as you progress along your way to becoming the high-scoring millionaire.

As you play this fun game app, you will see how easy the touchscreen controls make it to go through your adventure, re-creating your future. The innovative controls allow fluidity of gameplay and the graphics are stunning. They know you want to keep your music going while you play, and you can listen to your music without interrupting game play on this new iPhone app. You can play against the computer or invite up to three friends with the ‘Pass ‘n Play’ feature. This game app is great for the whole family. The easy to work with controls allow your children to get to know this game you used to love as a kid!


  • Classic board game with a new spin
  • 3D Environment with stunning graphics
  • Innovative touchscreen controls
  • Multiplayer mode with ‘Pass ‘n Play’
  • Control your music without interrupting game play
  • Great family game play


The classic game of LIFE is even more exciting in this 3D version for your iPhone. If you ever played the original board game, this will bring back great memories, and you can take it anywhere! Most users really liked this version, although some thought they should have more settings because of the different rules. But if you like classic games, this game app is for you. This game app is currently rated 4+ stars out of 5 stars by iPhone app users and costs $2.99.