LightUp Android app Review


In the LightUp Android app you will have to light up the entire board only moving one square at a time.


  • LightUp is an ingenious little puzzle gaming app that is brought to you by the same developers that created the Cestos app for the Android
  • In LightUp, you are simply trying to turn all of the white tiles into blue tiles. It seems like it would be super easy to do but you will soon find out that it takes some real skill to be able to do it
  • You will start on one square and then you will have to work your way around the board a single tile at a time in order to light up the entire board and complete the level
  • There is a lite version that you can download for free or you can get the full version which has tons of features for you to be able to enjoy
  • There are over 125 levels that are all unique and offer some very interesting twist, turns, and challenges
  • You will also get to hear some cool music that was created by Protonk and you will have hours that you can spend on trying to finish these brain twisters
  • There are also two different playing modes; The multi mode with allows you to try and beat the puzzle from two different starting points and also the Backtrack mode where you will have to finish the puzzle in a certain amount of moves


You can never have too many little puzzle games on your phone. They seem to be the best time wasters and you don’t have to commit hours and hours to try and beat an entire storyline. This app does exactly what it says it will do and it offers a few minutes of mind boggling fun here and there. The great thing about this app is that it is very simple to pick up and play but can be very difficult to master. In this game you will have you try and light up the entire board by only pressing one block at a time. Just remember that if you make a single wrong turn you will have to start over on the board. The key is to do it as fast as you can without messing up. The graphics in the game are very simple as well and the backdrops of the game always seem to feature some starry sky. This game is actually very addicting to play and can be a great one to add to your arsenal of favorite time wasters.

This is a fun little puzzle game for the Android. This app has been rated 4.1 out of a 5 star rating system and you can either try out the app for free or you can download the full version for $3.99 off of the Android app Market.