LightUp Android App Game Review


This may seem like a very simple puzzle game, but as you get into it you will see that it can be quite the brain buster. The Lightup Android app is one of the premier puzzle Android apps, and is addicting and challenging to play. The main goal of the game is to turn all of the tiles blue by moving over them one square at a time. The key to the game is to plan out your route before you go, otherwise you may make a wrong turn and ruin the entire puzzle. Since you can only hit each tile once, you have to pick the perfect path or you will suffer defeat. This is a great game of strategy and mind power to be able to find the correct routes through each of the many puzzles.

The full version of LightUp has over 125 different levels to choose from which will keep you busy for hours and hours. There is great background music (supplied by ProtonK) and a great gameplay scheme that is easy to follow and fun to play. The graphics in the game are simple, but effective. It usually centers around a multitude of blocks with a starry sky in the background. While LightUp doesn’t make use of the accelerometer, it does have great sound effects and uses the vibration function.


  • This game was created by the same people that brought the Cestos Android app
  • Incredibly challenging puzzle board game
  • Over 125 different levels to conquer before you can call yourself the puzzle master
  • Slide along individual blocks to turn them all blue
  • Two playing modes, Multi and Backtrack
  • The Multi mode involves solving the puzzle from two different points on the board
  • Backtrack involves solving the puzzle with the precise amount of moves
  • Great background music and sound effects
  • Good usage of the vibrating function found on the Android


Overall, this is one of the most challenging puzzle game apps you will run into. You will find yourself literally wasting hours and hours trying to beat certain levels. Each puzzle is very unique and takes some studying and calculating in order to make a correct path. If you love puzzle games, then LightUp is a must have. There is enough entertainment to keep any puzzle lover happy for quite a while. Currently only four bucks to download, it is well worth the price.

Voted 4.1 stars by Android app users and currently costs $3.99 to download.