lolo Burn – Cardio iPhone app Review


The Lolo Burn – cardio iPhone app is a great way for you to lose some serious weight and have a good time while you are at it. You will be able to use this little mini personal trainer and have it in your pocket at all times. You will have some fun beats to exercise to and a voice that will guide you along.


  • With this app you will be able to just open up your own music to be able to listen to while you exercise or you can listen to the 24 tracks that have already been provided by the app that are full of really high energy music (this is a total of almost 2 full cds)
  • One of the cool things about the music that you will have on the app to listen to is that the beat of the music will actually change to match the pounding of your feet so that you can run to the music
  • This app is also very versatile. You can use it when you go running on a treadmill at the gym or inside your own home or you can take it with you when you decide to go running outside. You can also use it during a walk or a brisk jog
  • There is a real person’s voice that will talk to you through the app. The voice will guide you and motivate you throughout your workouts so that you feel comfortable as you are exercising and not scared by a weird computer voice
  • You can also fill out a profile so that the lolo Burn app will design a program for you that is perfect and is suited to your needs and what you need in order to progress and challenge yourself
  • As you progress through the program that has been created you will find that each day that you exercise is a new challenge for you to overcome and surpass
  • There is a cool feature that involves an interactive graph that you can use that will allow you to change up and adjust your fitness program at any point in time
  • You can also use the music feature of the app as much as you want while you are exercising. You can change the songs at any point in time without having to worry about interrupting your workout
  • This is one of those fitness apps that anyone can just pick up and use but it will still be challenging enough for even the most dedicated athletes to use


This app has been given a rating of 4 out of 5 stars by those people that have already downloaded it and tried it out. You can also download this app onto your iPhone for a cost of $4.99.