Lose It! App Review

Lose ItLose It is an Android app available in the Google Play Store that allows you to manage your fitness regimen, diet and calorie intake in one place. You may have kept a journal in the past to ensure that you maintain your diet properly, but you may keep all that information in your phone or tablet for the future. You will have a lifetime record of your diet and exercise, and you may carry that information with you to as many phones or tablets as you need. This article explains how Lose It helps you lose weight, get in shape and maintain a diet/exercise program.

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How Do You Record Your Information?

You must log in to Lose It using your Google account, and your Google account will allow you to keep your information for life. You may access that information when you log into your Google account, and any of your electronic devices will track that information for you. Lose It allows you to keep a lifetime record of what you have done to avoid confusion in the future.

Tracking Your Diet

You will enter your diet in the system any time you have consumed food or drinks. The app tracks the calories you have eaten, and you will have a record of your intake for the today. You may program the app to calculate your calorie deficit for the day, or you may tell the app how much you are to eat each day. Anyone on a specific diet may enter their diet parameters in the app.

Tracking Your Exercise

Lose It tracks all your exercise, and the app may calculate your output on your behalf. You may not know how many calories you burned when you ran two miles, but the app will tell you. There are numerous activities loaded in the app, and you may ask the app to calculate how much you have burned. The app will do the math to calculate your calorie deficit, and you will have a record for every day of your diet.

BMI Calculations

The app will accept your dimensions to calculate your BMI. Your BMI is an important number that you want to change with your diet, and the app recalculates the BMI any time you change your information. Your height, weight and measurements are used to give you a BMI figure, and you may relay that information to anyone who needs it.

Peer Support

There is a community of people using the Lose It app who will help you with your diet. You may lean on the community to get the assistance you need, and you may ask questions of your new friends in the community likely know more than you do. You will learn quite a bit, and the community will become your peer support group for the entirety of your diet program.

Anyone who needs help with their diet may turn to Lose It. Download the app to your Android phone or tablet to begin your plan.