Lose It! iPhone app Review


Have you ever tried to lose weight but just found that it is really hard to keep track of all the things that you need to do? Well with the Lose It! iPhone app you will have the tools necessary to finally help you kick the extra pounds and get thin again. You will be helped to make sure that you stay on track each day. You will be able to record your food intake as well as the activities that you participate in.


  • The user interface for this app is really slick and you will love how simple and attractive it is to use. You will also notice that it has been streamlined to allow for better functionality
  • This app has a huge database that contains all kinds of different foods that you should be eating while you are trying to lose weight. It also has a comprehensive database of activities that you can do in order to drop pounds
  • You can also add as many new foods as you want, according to what you usually eat. You can also add different exercises that aren’t already covered in the app
  • If you have any complicated foods or meals that you like to eat then you can actually setup a recipe section so you can go back and create the meal over again
  • You can add all of your foods, previous meals, and other shortcuts to your log. You can do this very quickly so that you keep track of everything that you are eating
  • You can also track the amount of nutrients that you are taking into your body. See how much fat, protein, carbohydrates and other vitamins and minerals that you are taking into your body every day
  • Once you have downloaded this app you don’t have to have an internet connection in order to access it and use the priceless information and workouts that are located on it
  • You can also set up a Loseit.com account for free if you would like and then it will automatically back up all of the data that you put onto your phone in case it crashes at some point
  • You can also add friends to the account to make sure that you have the proper support system and motivation to be able to kick the extra weight
  • There are also no advertisements on this app which make it that much better
  • You can also check out some detailed reports and even export them to excel for your own personal use


This app has actually gotten some pretty good reviews from iPhone app users. It ranks at a 4 out of 5 stars and it is totally free for you to download onto your iPhone.