Marine Sharpshooter iPhone app Review


The Marine Sharpshooter iPhone app is one of the most popular sniping games out there. This particular game has sold over a million copies and continues to be popular all over the globe. In this game you will be a part of the American military force and you will have to carry out some pretty specific missions in order to progress through the game. You will get dropped off behind enemy lines and will have to work your way back to friendly territory. You can only do this once you have stopped the sinister plan of the terrorists that are trying to attack different parts of the world. You will have to hone in with your skills and make sure that every shot hits a target in order to avoid being detected and to save all of the hostages and other people that are now in danger.


  • In this app you will be able to try your hand at 5 major missions. These missions are pretty grand in nature and you will find that each of them have dozens of different environments that you can battle it out in
  • The gameplay will also switch to offer a few different kinds of scenarios that you can play out. Some of these scenarios include hostage situations where you will have to take out the bad guys as well as assassination missions where you will have to stealthily take someone out
  • There are also a few different rifles that you can use as you progress through the game. You will be able to use a bunch of sniper weapons which will include the SR25 and the M82. On top of that you will also be able to have unique characteristics for each weapon which will include recoil, firing rate, and damage
  • There is also some strategic game play methods that you will need to master in order to get farther in the game. If you can learn to take out the enemies when you are at high vantage points then you can go for a lot longer without the enemy detecting your location
  • There are three main modes of play. These include the story mode, the arcade mode, and also the quick play mode. Each of these different play modes will give you different missions and objectives to help keep the game fresh and new
  • In order to accurately aim you can use the tilting to aim control


This app has been given a rating of 3 stars and it can also be downloaded for only $1.99.