Meowcenaries iPhone app Review


In the Meowcenaries iPhone app game you will be able to take control of some pretty disgruntled kittens as they take their elite combat skills and try to rescue the captured president. The president was taken captive by the evil cat Evilcat and he has been using the help of his soldiers who are called the BadKatz. You will have to work your way through over 20 different levels in order to kill all of the bad cats and find and rescue the hostages. The levels are very difficult and you will have to think fast in order to destroy all of the strongholds that have been set up by Evilcat.

The gameplay in this game is very fast paced and has a mix of both strategy as well as action. You will have to go through the huge environments and decide which parts you want to take out very first. You will have to get experience from all of the combat situations so that your cats can start to be more accurate and even shoot farther. You will have to keep leveling up in order to be truly ready to take on the most evil cat to ever grace the Earth.



  • This game has a ton to do in it. You will love that it has over 20 different levels that you can play in and there are also two secret levels that you will be able to do some realistic cat fighting
  • This game is based off of the web version but it actually has a lot of new weapons and levels that were never included in the original online version
  • The game has a total of four different environments and they include places like the snow, a volcano, the desert, and also the jungle
  • The touch screen controls on the game are also pretty intuitive and easy to use. You will love the dual stick control that can help when you are trying to decide on a weapon
  • You can also check out the leaderboards for both local areas and you can see the leader boards for your Facebook friends


This app has been given a rating of 3 1/2 stars out of 5 stars by iPhone app users and you can currently download it onto your iPhone for only $0.99. You also need to be at least 17 years old in order to download and play this app. This app has some mature themes that are a bit suggestive. There is also quite a bit of fantasy violence.