Mice Heist iPhone app Review


If you love cheese then you better find a better place to hide it. The mice in the area have heard about your stash and are on their way to come and steal it from you! In the Mice Heist iPhone app you will have to tap all of them to get them to run away before they come and take all of your beloved cheddar. They are smart little buggers and will come in all sorts of different costumes to try and deceive you. You can always hit the cat paw button when times get tough to unleash your cat on them and send them all running for cover.


  • One of the comical parts about this app is that there a variety of different mice that are trying to steal your cheese. Some have funny hats, others have speedos. You will watch them go after your food in a number of different ways. Some will come looking like ninjas, others look like samurais, and you will even get some that come as cheerleaders!
  • You can use the cat paw at certain times in order to summon your little cat friend to come and wreak havoc on the unsuspecting mice. This is a great way to clear the board and gather your bearings again
  • You will find that there are a few different levels of difficulty that you can try out to be able to suit your skill level. You can pick either light cheddar, medium cheddar, or aged cheddar
  • There are a total of four different stage types in this game. As you progress you will be able to play on all four of the stages and enjoy all that they have to offer in terms of game play
  • The challenges in the game just continue to get harder as you get farther into the game. This is fun though because you will have to be smarter and quicker on your feet in order to keep playing
  • This app is also connected to Open Feint so you will be able to see leader boards and see who are the real keepers of the cheese. You will also be able to get achievements as well as see the highest scores


This app has garnered ratings of 4 1/2 out of 5 stars when you check it out at the iTunes store online. This app currently only costs $0.99 to download onto your phone.