Mr. Bill iPhone app Review


Have you ever worked for the circus before? Didn’t think so. But all that is about to change. You’ve just got a new job thanks to the Sluggo Employment agency and now you are well on your way to being one of the most popular carnies ever! Prepare to be the new human cannonball at the Sluggo Big-time circus. You will go through all kinds of different levels and challenges as you take on your new full-time positions without any benefits whatsoever. Insurance? Who needs it. You will have to fly through jobs that are filled with all kinds of disasters and you will go through a lot of different levels that are all filled with fun activities. You will have to try and stay airborne for as long as you can as you try to get to your destination. You will need to bounce on some trampolines and grab a hold of balloons as you avoid the obstacles. Once you finish at the circus you might even be offered a position at the Sluggo Farm where you will have an all new adventure to try and get past.


  • This is a super fun game that you will instantly fall in love with. You now get to live out your adventures of flying through the air as a human cannonball without having to worry about the medical bills involved
  • You will be able to challenge yourself with a very unique gameplay that is very irreverent and fun. The gameplay is inspired by the circus theme and the adventures of the character in the game
  • The replay value of this game is also very good and you will find that you will play this game for hours on end. There are also two different modes of play that you can participate in. You will be able to do the story mode or the endless mode where you just try to stay airborne for as long as possible
  • The controls are very easy to just pick up and play and you will love all of the different achievements that you can try and unlock
  • Last of all, look out for a number of new levels and tons of new updates that are coming around. Each update will have new features and things for you to do in this wonderfully fun app


This app has been given some pretty good ratings by iPhone app users. It is a very original game and has a lot of unique features that really make it stand out from other games on the iPhone. It has a rating of 4 out of 5 stars and you can download it onto your iPhone for only $0.99.