NAVIGON MobileNavigator USA Android app Review


The NAVIGON MobileNavigator USA Android app is a complete navigation app that will get you anywhere you want to go.


  • The NAVIGON MobileNavigator USA Android app essentially turns your phone right into your own personal navi system that you can use for all of your traveling needs
  • You can use the text to speech function in order to have the app read back your written instructions and have it also read you the directions on how to get there
  • You can also pull up the traffic live feature in order to see what kind of traffic updates are linked to the route you are taking
  • You can also use the reality scanner so that you can take accurate routes and or take multiple routes
  • There is also the Reality View Pro feature that you can use as well
  • One of the nice things about the app is that the NAVTEQ maps are actually all offline maps so you won’t have to worry about using a lot of data when you are trying to get around from place to place
  • The voice directions are excellent and you will love having a complete navigation system right at your fingertips


This navigation app is actually pretty decent when compared to the other ones that are currently out there. The feel of this app is a little bit different because it has a ton of features that you would find on a device that is dedicated just to GPS and navigation. If you are into just the basic GPS nav app that works precisely but doesn’t add all of the fluff of travel itinerary and crap like that then this is the app for you to get. It gets the job done and will get you to where you need to go. There are some gripes that users have had with this app however. For one there is no integrated voice function to use so you have to manually type everything in that you are looking for. The other problem is that the POI search isn’t very efficiently categorized so you may get a little bit lost when looking through those. And last of all there is no icon that is actually listed in the notifications area when it is being used so you could potentially drain out your battery really quick if you aren’t very careful.

This app has been given a rating of 3.75 out of 5 stars by Android navigation app users that have tried the app out and downloaded it onto their phones. The app also costs $39.99 during the two week promotion price, other than that it costs $59.99 to download onto your smart phone.