Neuroshima Hex iPhone app Review


In the Neuroshima Hex iPhone app you will be able to take part in one of the fastest paced and creative tactical board games ever created. This game was meant to have some multiplayer elements so you will be able to have up to four different players and you can decide if you would like them to be human or if you would rather that they are the AI. You will be able to pick between four different armies that are all trying to survive in the world and survive the thirty years of war. Once you have picked your appropriate army, see how creative you can be and lead your men to victory!


  • This little mobile app has all of the original artwork from the Neuroshima Hex game. It is the official mobile creation of the game and is based off of the popular board game that uses tactics to be able to lead all of your troops to victory in war
  • One of the things that you will love about the game is that there are actually 4 different armies that are available to be played with. You can use all kinds of different strategies in order to beat your opponents and prove your dominance
  • There are also a variety of different artificial intelligences so that should make the game more interesting. You can decide how smart or how hard they will be to beat. There are three different difficulty levels for the AI players
  • This game also strongly encourages multiplayer activity. This app can actually have up to four different players that are playing at the same time. You can have either human players or you can resort to the AI players in order to fill up the board
  • The game actually has a manual as well as some in game tutorials to be able to teach you how to play. Even if you have never played the board game in real life you will quickly pick up on strategies and basics of the game
  • The gameplay in this game is virtually endless. You will love all of the different strategies and elements that add to the complex and yet so simple gameplay
  • The biggest thing to remember about this game is that it really is pretty easy to just pick up the game and start playing it but you will have to work pretty hard in order to master it in the end


This app has been given some pretty decent ratings after being reviewed and rated by a variety of different iPhone app users. The app currently has a rating of 4 1/2 stars out of 5 stars and you can now purchase and download the app for only $2.99.