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Bonus Finder Chrome App

We’ve been looking at some of the Chrome Extensions that are available for mobile and desktop and have found a few interesting ones. Those that are of the most interest are the ones that offer a real service, are free and are reusable or replayable. The Bonus Finder Chrome extension is one of those that offers real value. While it is designed with Australians in mind, we found that it also works for Canadians, those in the United Kingdom and some of the features work for other countries as well. The interesting thing about this particular app is that it contains over 500 free pokies, as they call them in Australia. You might know them as slot machine games. There are also hundreds of casino games available for free as well.

The main service being offered by this app is the delivery of recent bonuses for new players. The information is all in one location and is easy to use. While many outside of the UK, AUS and Canada will not find much use for the service, anyone else can still play the free online pokies being offered by the app.

Overall this is a well put together service app / gaming app. The app is secured by a number of services and also offers references to additional security measures. Another additional feature that has real value for anyone interested in casino gaming, are the instructional videos that the app provides. There are several videos on how to play Blackjack, Roulette and other games of that nature. The app also acts as a consumer advocacy utility and presents several ways to contact authorities in that area of gaming, especially those found in Australia.

It’s a really put together chrome extension and is of higher quality than most of the Chrome apps we’ve encountered in the past. Check it out!