New World Colony App

New world Colony is a popular fun addicting iPad strategy game designed in a hexagon colony pattern where you’ll find yourself settling, building, gathering resources in the colony and strategically winning over your opponents land. The territory you gain will highlight in blue upon gaining it. The objective of the game is to create a powerful economy by settling as much of a large variety of land as you can. When you master a strong economy, you’ll also be able to build helpful towns etc. which will earn you much needed colony points. When you accumulate enough colony points, you’ll win the game!

In New World Colony, One large hexagon platform, much like a game-board, is made up of thirty seven small hexagons all together between you and your opponent. Each small hexagon, or tile, is color coded to represent one of five territories containing different vital resources to help you toward building your success, winning your opponents land and claiming victory over the game! The smooth light green hexagon tiles represent food, which you’ll need for your economy to grow larger and expand; textured light green hexagon tiles represent farms and produce twice the amount of food; dark green hexagon tiles represents forests, which produce wood for building and gaining new territories.

Light grey hexagons tiles represent mountains, which provide stone that’s useful for building large structures; Light blue hexagon tiles represent water territories, which provide you with different amounts of food and gold. Gold is used to buy more territory. While you’re gaining the territories you need, you can also gain an upper hand by strategically selling those you don’t find as useful and no longer want.

All of the other hexagon tiles that are darker and look different standing out from the rest mentioned above hold special value and produce extra resources. Special forests, Orchards, produce food as well as wood; Special mountains have special mineral deposits and produce gold as well as stone. These special territories are always to themselves, separated from any other territories of the same type. Regions in this game are described as the groups of the same territories touching one another.

For example, a cluster of dark green hexagon tiles would be considered a region of forest territories. Much like properties in the classic board-game, Monopoly, gaining regions in New World Colony is a goal that could cause you to earn a lot of colony points and potentially even win the game!

This unique creative game features a catchy game strategy and objective, impressive graphics and can be both addicting and challenging for many hours of entertainment and fun competition. This exciting game is described by many as ‘incredible’, ‘addicting’ and ‘hard to put down’. New World Colony is now available for iPhones as well as iPads so download the app today and get ready to build towns, take over your opponents land, gather resources, upgrade, watch your economy grow and have the time of your life as you pursue victory!

$2.99 in the iTunes App Store