Game Center 2010 iPhone app Review


This app is the official mobile app for The Game Center 2010 iPhone app is the best way for you to stay up to date on all of your favorite football teams from around the league. NFL Football is one of the most exciting sports in the entire world and now you can be right in the midst of it. You will be able to get play-by-play information as well as audio highlights from every single game. You will never have to wonder scores or standings because that will all be posted on the app for you to be able to look at. The staff has created a pretty cool little app for all of the football lovers out there who just can’t seem to get enough. This is your mobile way to stay on top of everything NFL.


  • One of the really cool parts about this app is your ability to be able to get the Big Play audio highlights from your favorite games. All of these audio highlights come from in-game and you can get them for every single game that is played
  • The app also has a pretty neat and unique game alert system where you can actually customize the “my Team” game alerts so that you know when stuff is going on with all of your favorite teams in the NFL
  • You will also be able to get audio highlights that come every quarter. This is great so that you can find out the big plays of each quarter throughout the game. You can get these highlights for every game that is on schedule
  • You will also be able to feel like you are a part of the post-game press conferences because you will be able to watch these videos after every game that’s played in the league.
  • You can also access all of the other super cool features that are located on For instance you will be able to get all of the news about all of your favorite teams as well as the live scoreboards. You can also get the game recaps, see who has been injured, and also you can see rosters of the teams and even get the play-by-play information for most games


This app has just barely been released today, so there isn’t a lot of feedback on customer reviews. Overall, it has been given a rating of 4+ out of 5 stars and you can download it onto your iPhone for only $4.99.