Nirvana Revenge iPhone app Review


In the next edition of the Tap Tap Revenge games comes the much anticipated Nirvana Revenge iPhone app. This game has over 13 different Nirvana tracks and you will be able to play in any of the four difficulty levels that are provided.


  • This Tap Tap game has a variety of different tracks that are all from Nirvana. They were one of the most influential bands of the nineties and their legacy continues to live on. They continue to be one of ht most famous Grunge bands ever created.
  • There are 13 original songs from Nirvana that you can play on the game. The track list includes the following songs: All Apologies, Breed, Breed (Live), Come As You Are, Heart Shaped Box, In Bloom, Lithium, Lithium (Live), Rape Me, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live), Stay Away, and lastly You Know You’re Right
  • There are a few different tracks that are considered “boss tracks” that let you play the game in landscape mode. Each of these four different boss tracks is completely customized based on the song that is being played
  • There is also a battle mode that you can access in the app that will let you play against a multitude of other people using the bluetooth connection that is available on the phone. This is a good way to sharpen your skills and prove your skill to other players
  • There are four different levels of difficulty that you can play in, each one significantly harder than the other
  • There are a few extra bonus features that make this game really fun including the Nightly Nirvana option where you can actually listen to snippets of the talk radio show by Nirvana. This happens as you go into each game you are going to play
  • The gameplay in the game offers superb stability, and the musical performance of the app is high quality
  • There is also a section of the app where you can actually research and learn about the actual history of the band Nirvana


This is a must have app for anyone that loves Nirvana. With thirteen of their best tracks you will love being able to play along and feel like you are a part of the music.

This music app was voted 4 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and is one of the better versions of the TapTap franchise. This game can be downloaded in its entirety onto your iPhone for $4.99.