Nuzzle for Andriod App Review

Nuzzel1Nuzzle: News From Your Friends

There are loads of social media networks out there. The problem with this is if you have accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr or others, it can become extremely difficult to obtain the news specifically from your friends. After all, with probably thousands of followers on all of your accounts, pinpointing just the ones you really care about can be challenging, and trying to filter out everything in each of the accounts really doesn’t help at all. This is where Nuzzel comes in. With this application, it is possible to receive only the information from your friends that you want to see. This way, you don’t have to deal with those people on Facebook who posts all of the pointless links and quotes that take up your entire feed. You can also cut out all of the junk Twitter posts and everything else that takes up most of your information display. Instead, you just see what you want and don’t have to worry about the other junk. It is available for your Android device, so whether you run a Galaxy Note or a HTC One, it is going to work just fine. It can also run on your tablet, so whatever you have, it is going to run on the device.

Features of the Application

Nuzzel works in a similar manor to a news website application. You log onto the application and scroll through the listing of all the latest posts and updates from the friends you want to follow. Setting up the account can take a few minutes, as you want to check off the users you follow on your different accounts. It is also great as it can showcase your text messages and emails as well. This way, you have a clear understanding of everything that is going on and everything that is being shared to both you and to the Internet through your friends.

A great feature of this though is that you don’t actually need it to be just your friends. Perhaps you want to get the latest news from different news organizations but really do not like bouncing around form one application to the next. Instead, you can just use the Nuzzel application and decide to follow news organizations like the BBC, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and others. This way, the only feed you receive are updates and the latest posts from these organization. It allows you to avoid installing multiple news applications on your device that take up valuable resources when you can just streamline the process and utilize one.


The application is very easy to run and is incredibly slick as well. The interface is beautiful and doesn’t get in the way of things, which is a major problem with many other similar services. Often times there are ads that pop up and block important information that you might want to read, or it doesn’t show some of the online services you wish to follow. However, with Nuzzel, it doesn’t matter what sort of social media accounts you wish to follow, this is the way to go. When you sign in, you can sign in with your social media accounts or you can create an independent account, so you can just follow specific accounts. Probably the greatest design of the service is that you can follow just individual accounts. While it works great with certain friends or for news, it also is great for business. With the business element in mind, someone is able to follow the competition to see what they are continually posting, or have only image based blogs pop up so the latest images shared appear on the screen. It does not matter what someone is looking for, it really is a fantastic application that is free to use and is going to be the perfect upload to any mobile device that you might currently use.