Oil Tycoon iPhone app Review


In the Oil Tycoon 2 iPhone app you will take the place of a leading oil company trying to lay pipe line to meet all of your customer’s needs. The game works by having you rotate pipes so that you can reach different gas stations and distribute your oil. You will get money and points for proper distribution and it is up to you to fix the piping to do so.

This game is definitely a step up from the first game and includes more animations and better graphics. There are also a few new levels to help you stay interested in the gameplay. Overall, this is a fun piping game that lets you see some of the logistics that need to be considered to be able to make it big in the oil industry.


  • This game has some added features to it that Oil Tycoon was missing
  • The field that you play on has been enlarged to hold 7×10 cells for you to be able to work with
  • In Oil Tycoon 2 you will enjoy all of the revamped animations that are added to this version
  • This update of the game also has a lot more bonus items and point bonuses that you can get as you progress farther into the app
  • When rotating the different oil pumps, the controls allow you to easily manage them and fix the plumbing so that it works best for your setup
  • The free version only has a limited amount of features but you can upgrade to the paid version (Gas Tycoon 2) and experience even more of the fun and challenges that come with owning your own oil chain
  • The upgraded version will give you a total of 50 new levels and three different skins to choose from as you play the game
  • There are also online leader boards that you can check out in order to see your achievements and where you rank among the other oil tycoons out there


As with any of the Tycoon games in the franchise, you will love the ability to take over the oil industry and see what you can do to make the most profit out of it. You will need to service gas stations and create a pipe line that allows the gas to get everywhere you need. This game will challenge your business sense and give you a little taste of some of the big decisions that CEO’s have to make when making price changes and opening up new places for transactions to take place. It is a fun little app where you are in control.

Voted 3 stars by iPhone app users and is currently free to download.