Osmos iPhone app Review


The Osmos iPhone app is a great way to go through the galaxies while dodging opponents. It has two different game modes and offers a lot of replay value.


  • One of the really cool parts about this gaming app is that it has some pretty cool multitouch features. You will be able to use controls to pinch to zoom, you can tap on the screen in order to eject mass, and you can also flick the screen in order to do a time warp
  • There are two different game modes that you can play in as well. One is called the Odyssey and the other is called the Arcade. The Odyssey mode is a great tour that you can play in that is 27 levels and is guided. You will go through the Osmos Blobiverse. The Arcade mode is a bit different because you can play in any level that you want and you can also choose what difficulty you want to play at. There are 72 levels total
  • The coolest feature on this game is the ability that you have to do some dynamic time warping. In this part you can actually slow down the flow of time so that you can out maneuver any of the other agile enemies that are coming up to get you. You can also speed up the time warp so that it is much more challenging
  • There are eight different types of levels that you can play in as well. You will be able to play in the ambient level, the antimatter level, the solar level, the sentient level, the impasse level, the warped chaos level, the epicycles level, and also the repulsor level
  • The soundtrack in the game is also pretty unique and original. It is an electronic soundtrack and it is created by a mix of artists including biosphere, Julien Neto, High Skies, Gas, and Loscil
  • The solar systems that are located throughout the galaxy can be either really simple or you may find that they are quite complex. You can feel and also use the force and the effects of repulsors and also attractors
  • The AI that are included in the game are also pretty impressive because they are so intelligent. You can confront your opponents with a variety of different personalities and goals that are pretty similar to the ones that you already have
  • There is also a level of procedural content where you can play random versions of a level or two that you end up finding in the arcade mode
  • This app is connected to OpenFeint so you will find that you can find 13 different achievements as you are playing through the game


This app has been given multiple ratings of 4 out of 5 stars by people on the iTunes website. You can also download this app onto your iPhone for only $2.99.