Ow My Balls! iPhone app Review


The basic instructions of this game are very, very simple. You have to kick Joe the Juggler from his perch up on a roof and try and make him hit his nuts on as many different targets as you can. You can use items such as the fart jetpack to gain velocity and speed and hit even more targets that you could before. You decide how hard you want to kick him and then guide him around and bust his balls as many times as you can to get high scores. As you accomplish the achievements you will be able to unlock a variety of different videos that have funny (and painful) results. This is an app geared towards those of us with junior high humor that never left us. Enjoy the fact that it’s not you getting thrown around the screen in pain.


  • This humorous app offers four different styles of play that you can participate in. Each mode is unique and offers an original set of challenges for you to accomplish
  • As you play through the game you can actually unlock two different game modes. These two game modes that you can unlock include the Unlimited Mode and The Freestyle mode
  • As you progress through the game you will be able to try your hand at accomplishing thirteen different achievements that are available
  • You can also unlock other bonus items. Some of these other bonus items include 16 videos that you can watch that all have to do with nut-cracking hilarity
  • There are online leaderboards that you can go check out to see who the best players are on the globe. Try to get a high score so that your name can be displayed up there
  • This app is fully integrated with Open Feint technology so that you will be able to have a very social gaming system that even has a chat feature included


Somehow, as bad as it hurts to get hit in the nuts by any type of object, we still find it hilarious. This game capitalizes on that stupid humor that we all innately have inside of us. You will actually have quite a bit of fun accomplishing all of the achievements and causing some serious pain. The other bonus is that this app is pretty cheap to download.

This humorous game has been voted 2 1/2 out of 5 stars by multiple users and costs $0.99 to download onto your iPhone.